Product problem

Can you use SMS?

Can not.

After the purchase of more than one SIM card, you can apply for the opening at the same time it?


Can you choose the phone number?

Can not.

Be sure to go to the store to buy it?

Certain You can apply for the purchase on, Ctrip, Rakuten, Amazon etc.

When can I start to use it?

After arriving in Japan, the SIM card inserted into the phone, set the APN information, you can use.

What is the use of the start date?

When the first use of data traffic, for the first day. (according to the Japanese time calculation).

After inserting the SIM card, how do you need to set it?

Before using the data communication service, set up the APN information of the terminal equipment.

What is the APN setting?

APN is the network settings to connect to data communication. Please set APN information on your terminal device.

Can I use IP phone?

Sure But when the network is busy, it will be difficult to connect the situation.

SIM cards have several sizes?

Nano comes with three in one card and a card withdrawing needle cato.

What is fair use policy?

Please reasonable use of the network, for a long period of time will be the speed limit or the speed limit will be stopped, the specific conditions of the network and set.

Can the same card be inserted into the other end devices to use it?

Sure When you place the SIM card in other WCDMA devices, please reset the APN.

Can you use international roaming outside of Japan?

can not.

What is Connected-free Wi-Fi Japan?

Is Broadband Platform NTT, Inc. company provided by APP Android/iOS.

The company provides WiFi in the country's major airports, stations, commercial facilities, such as the service area (about 86000), you can have WiFi in the location of the search, the use of simple connection